Thursday, May 2, 2013

“Without You”
 **My vision is clouded by tears in my eyes.
 **I used to think that visions of us were my only paradise.

a wish

 **He has his girl by his side.
 **Just looking at you two, makes tears flow from my eyes.
 **He only sees me as a friend
, **But how can that be, because our road to friendship hasn’t even begun.
 **I’ll just have to admit to myself that I’m not his type.
 **I know that he has a girlfriend, so me liking him isn’t alright.
**Many things with guys have gone wrong in the past.
 **All those relationships that I thought were gonna last
. **I sometimes find myself daydreaming about your touch,
**And you know I like you, but not this much.
 **Will my broken heart be healed soon?
**I feel overwhelmed in sadness and have become so consumed
**I don’t know how to say I wanna be with you, I don’t know how to start,
 **But as each day goes by I wish you would open you’re heart
. **Sometimes I wish I could dream forever,
 **Then that way we’ll always be together
**Unfortunately though, I wake up,
 **And I hate how reality always seems to suck
. **At school it’ll be just another day,
 **Another day that I’ll try to suppress my feelings for you away.

from Jeewan Ghale....
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